QUEER HEAVEN: Crash Pad Series Episode 171: Golden Curlz & Emma Claire REVIEW

If hot babes jerking off, strapon fucking and sitting on each others faces sounds like your cup of porno tea, then I have no doubt that you will enjoy Crash Pad Series‘ latest update as much as I did.

Episode 171 features sexy curvy queer babe Golden Curlz and dreamboat trans* dyke Emma Claire and it’s good… like as in I-need-a-cold-shower-with-Emma-Claire kind of good.

The episode begins with Curlz reclining on the Crash Pad bed looking sexy and confident in her pink crop top and mini skirt. Claire kisses and undresses her while exploring her sexy curvaceous body with her hands. Pretty soon Curlz is naked and Claire slaps on a purple latex glove and some lubricant in preparation for a good ole handjob. I nearly lost my shit when Claire gently squeezed one hand tight around Curlz throat while she pushed her hand deeper and harder because seriously, if you’ve been on either end of that situation, you know it feels as good as it looks. Cue quivering thighs, gasping and grasping for the headboard from Curlz as Claire fucks hard and slow.


Next it’s time for Claire to get a little stimulation, so she straddles Curlz leg, grinding against it and using a vibrator on her clit while Curlz jerks her off. Claire then takes control of her cock and gives Curlz a bit of a show. I love watching people jerk off because everyone seems to have their own little way and it’s nice to be schooled in how someone likes to be fucked or touched.

Claire then sits above Curlz face, grinning down at her while Curlz takes all of her inside her mouth, sucking slowly. Claire pushes a latex glove in Curlz direction which is quickly lubed up and pushed inside Claire’s ass.

Claire whispers to Curlz that she wants to fuck her ‘with the Eleven’ and I had to laugh when Curlz said ‘we can try!’ because that would be my response because that toy is HUGE. Curlz gets on all fours and thrusts herself onto the Eleven. When she becomes really vocal and starts to almost wriggle away from the toy, Claire asks if she’s okay and should she stop but Curlz bursts out laughing and assures her that she definitely does not want her to stop. I totally understand that feeling – when your body is so overwhelmed with the sensation that it feels amazing but almost hurts but you don’t want to stop…….. mmmmmm.


Next Curlz puts on a strapon harness and a condomed covered cock and lubes up before Claire climbs aboard, grinding the cock deep into her ass while using a vibrator on her clit. Afterwards, Claire lies on her back and uses the holy grail of sex toys (in my opinion) on herself – THE HITACHI. While she jerks off with the Hitachi, Curlz slaps her tits and punches her gently in the chest. Claire meekly asks Curlz to sit on her face and as she grinds her pussy onto Claire’s face, Claire’s whole body trembles. By this point, I am glad the scene has finished because I am dead because queer face sitting is actually the hottest thing on the planet.

To watch the full scene and view all the photos click here.

To buy the Eleven click here.

Buy a Hitachi Magic Wand here.

Stay tuned for more Crash Pad updates and reviews!

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